Hope Mora is an interdisciplinary artist from West Texas, currently teaching and completing her MFA
at The University at Buffalo and holds a BFA from Texas State University in San Marcos.

She has worked as a staff writer and photographer for the Pecos Enterprise newspaper and has shown work
in selected gallery and public space exhibitions in Central Texas and Western New York, such as Mexic-Arte
Museum, Public Art San Antonio, Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center, Anna Kaplan Contemporary,
El Museo, and The Buffalo Institute for Contemporary Art (BICA).

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Installation from FRESH: Intersection, Anna Kaplan Contemporary aka BT&C Gallery, Buffalo, NY

Tears for Tejas, 2017
Found video/audio
1:05 displayed on loop

Stay Cool, Don't Change, 2017
collected glamour photographs on display for viewing and handling
wallet size 2.5x3.5 in

Installation from Within Reach, YOUNG LATINO ARTISTS curated by Ricky Yanas, Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX

What You Know,What You Told Us, What We Know , 2015
10x13 take-away newspaper stack

Pues, Asi Va La Vida, 2015
video displayed on loop 1:02

Ana Moya, Corpus Christi, TX

Antonio, Buffalo, NY 2019

Pecos Rodeo 2019, Pecos Texas

10th street, East Side Pecos, Texas

Winter Wright, Sk8 Don’t H8 event, MLK Park, Buffalo, NY 2019

Jag Shepherd, Joker Squad, Rainbow Rink in Buffalo, NY 2019

James Spotwood aka NJ Soul Brotha, New Jersey roller, 2019

Tiera Knaff, Detroit krumper 2019

Aries Skate Jam, Skatin’ Station, Detroit 2019

Kevin aka The Riddler, Buffalo Joker Squad roller, 2019

Mirra, Detroit roller 2019

Nitalovenita and Teen Mayes-Moody, Aries Skate Jam, Detroit 2019

Raeshawn Jones, 716 Roller, Buffalo 2019

Roosevelt, Detroit roller 2019

Fresh 2 Def Kutz, Buffalo NY 2019

Epifania and Elena Mora, Pecos, Texas 2019

Fresh 2 Def Kutz, Buffalo NY 2019

Drawings and photographs from book series, ñ,
2013 4x7in"/> 11x8in"/> 11x8 in"/> 6x6 in"/> 8.5x11 in"/> 5x5 in"/> 11x8 in"/> 7x4in"/> 5x7in"/> 7x4in"/> 5x7in"/> 8.5x11 in"/> 8.5x11 in"/> 11x8.5 in"/>