Hope Mora

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Marí Perea stands in front of a vase of flowers at her desk in the flower shop she’s owned for more than 40 years. “Serving my community is my passion. Every town needs a florist and I’m glad I’m here to provide that,” she says when I ask about her business and take her picture. My mother has worked alongside Mary for 30 years as a florist creating floral arrangements for holidays, weddings, birthdays, and funerals. I grew up in that flower shop, hanging out after school and on weekends while playing with ribbons, fake flowers, and plastic toys used for gifts. The scent of greenery on my mother’s hands as she touched my face, after a long day working for $7 an hour, will be a lasting memory.

Freddy’s Ice House is the spot. One of three bar/clubs in town, Fred’s has the best dance floor. Corridos, cumbias, reggaeton, and country bring people out on Friday and Saturday nights, including me. In the club, I carried a disposable camera. I asked permission to snap pics of the bartenders, couples sitting at the bar, women in the bathroom, and dancers getting down on the floor. A vivid memory I have at Freddy’s is a woman wearing a t-shirt that reads ‘QUEEN’ twerking, twirling, and grinding holding a bud light in one hand. Oil field worker men crowd Fred’s, too. After all, that is all there is to do.